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Continuous heat transfer ratio gas aluminum alloy ingot integrated system

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Continuous heat transfer ratio gas aluminum alloy ingot integrated system

Function:1.ingotandautomaticaluminumscrap   2.Highefficiencyandlowconsumptionratioofgasheating   3.On-linecontinuousandefficientintelligentrefining   4.Automaticquantitativepositioningcastingofmelt
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  Function: 1. ingot and automatic aluminum scrap
  2. High efficiency and low consumption ratio of gas heating
  3. On-line continuous and efficient intelligent refining
  4. Automatic quantitative positioning casting of melt
  Objective: relying on the core technology of Suo long, integrated integration of feeding, melting, refining, pouring and flue gas waste heat utilization to realize the recycling of material on the edge of foundry molding machine, in order to reduce the energy consumption, melting loss, labor, site and equipment cost of foundry enterprises by the progress of technology and equipment for the automatic casting production. Laying the foundation for equipment, intellectualized and unmanned

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Chongqing Shuo long Technology Co., Ltd. was established at the National University of Chongqing University science and technology park at the end of 2002. It is the leading and highly recognized magnesium alloy melt preparation and supply technology and equipment enterprise in China.
At the beginning of the establishment, with the support of the government and the market, Shuo long worked closely with the national magnesium alloy engineering and technology research center of Chongqing University and the Hongkong Productivity Promotion Bureau. It developed the technological equipment innovation along the life cycle of magnesium alloy casting, formed the core patent technology and design of the system, and introduced a variety of energy forms. The "coarse waste magnesium non (micro) flux melting system", "magnesium alloy cold chamber die-casting melting casting furnace", "casting magnesium alloy melting and refining furnace", "magnesium alloy semi continuous casting unit", magnesium alloy heat chamber die-casting furnace, and "waste magnesium field remelting refining system" have been developed. "High risk inferior magnesium distillation and regeneration system", in order to meet the needs of the modern magnesium melt supply equipment for the whole life cycle of the light alloy casting industry with new technology and new equipment.



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Single path protective gas flow:5~500 l/min 
Flow control precision: ±1.5%F.S.
Film formation gas concentration: 0.1~0.8 wt.%
Control the corresponding time: 1s
System working pressure:0.1~0.3 MPa
Management software: real time measurement and control, intelligent integrated management

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