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Academician Ding academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering meets with Yi Lun power to discuss the development of new mat

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  In April 4th, Yi Lun power founder Xu Dong and his team were invited to Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the National Engineering Research Center of light alloy precision molding National Engineering Research Center, academician Ding Wenjiang and associate dean of material science and engineering, Professor Ceng Xiaoqin. At the meeting of the academician Ding, Yi Lun power reported his new energy vehicle The related work in the field of distributed drive and hub motor is discussed on the related products, technology and application programs, and the cordial guidance, care and approval of the academician.
During the talks, the electrification and lightening of automobile as a major strategic industry of the state is a great opportunity for industrial development and a high recognition of the trend of industrial development, and is committed to the development of independent research and development. Magnesium and aluminum alloys and soft magnetic materials and other high-tech materials have reached a consensus in the industrialization of wheel motor applications.
Academician Ding Wenjiang has long been engaged in the research of advanced magnesium alloy materials and processing. In 2000, approved by the national development and Reform Commission, the National Engineering Research Center of light alloy precision molding was established, and the basic research, application development and Engineering Research of the national science and technology major project "magnesium alloy development and application and industrialization" have been held many times. Organic integration with technology transfer, speeding up the transformation of scientific research achievements, served as deputy director of Shanghai science and Technology Commission and vice president of Shanghai Jiaotong University.
As an academic arena in the field of material science in China, he is pleased with the expression of the independent research and development of the related technologies in the field of wheel hub motor and the initial achievements in the field of hub motor. He further instructed and suggested that the team members of the engineering research center set up a long-term cooperative relationship with Yi Lun, carry out in-depth technical discussion and research, and look forward to and fully support the technology of hub motor and electric driving platform for our country to master the advanced international standards, and contribute to the upgrade of China's intellectual manufacturing industry and the great revival cause.