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Qinghai's magnesium magnesium industry has been put into operation and built the world's most green modern production plant of m

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InApril18th,QinghaimagnesiumspecialmagnesiumCo.,Ltd.heldagrandopeningceremonytocelebrateits60thousandtonsofhigh-qualitymagnesiumalloyproductionlineofficiallyputintooperation. DongZhengde,viceambassado
In April 18th, Qinghai magnesium special magnesium Co., Ltd. held a grand opening ceremony to celebrate its 60 thousand tons of high-quality magnesium alloy production line officially put into operation.
Dong Zhengde, vice ambassador to China Embassy in China, chairman Wang Xingfu of Qinghai Saline Lake industrial joint-stock company, President Xie Kang min, chief executive officer of sea magnesium group Nicholas Andrews, chairman Lin Ruhai of the China Nonferrous Metal Industry Association magnesium branch, general manager of the Asia Pacific region, Karl Kaine, director of the German magnesium Innovation Center R, the Deputy Secretary of the Party Work Committee of the Chaidamu circular economy test area, Wang Xia, assistant Zhu Qi of the governor of Haixi state, Zhao Hongsheng, vice mayor of Golmud, and Liang Liuyuan, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the Qinghai University, attended the opening ceremony. It is also invited to attend the celebration as well as experts from the Chongqing University National Center for magnesium alloy engineering and technology research, Qinghai University, Monash University in Australia, and some representatives of magnesium alloy users from China, North America, South Korea and Japan.
Sea magnesium group is a global magnesium alloy industry leader, in 2012 and Qinghai Saline Lake industrial group Limited by Share Ltd reached a cooperative agreement to jointly develop Golmud magnesium resources in Qinghai Province, and in 2013 in Golmud, the Qinghai sea magnesium magnesium industry Co., Ltd. was established. The factory adjacent to the electrolytic magnesium workshop of the Saline Lake magnesium industry in Qinghai, directly uses the liquid magnesium of the magnesium industry of Saline Lake, and produces 56 thousand tons of electrolytic pure magnesium to nearly 60 thousand tons of high quality magnesium alloy each year through the highly automated magnesium alloy production line initiated by 3 industries. The new factory was successfully tested in October 2017. At present, mass production has been achieved to supply magnesium alloys for global customers.
MgO Qinghai project has many advantages: using liquid pure magnesium as the raw material, omitting the remelting link; high automation, low labor dependence; green environmental protection, its 85% production power comes from renewable energy, the protection gas used is low on the environment, its overall CO2 emission level is 1/3 of the existing leather River process technology. It is called the most green magnesium alloy in the world. The completion and production of the Qinghai sea magnesium special factory will become the largest and most environmentally friendly magnesium alloy production base in China and in the world, and can produce a variety of standard and special alloys. It can provide high-quality, stable and green magnesium alloy raw materials for downstream customers all over the world.
Nicholas Andrews, CEO of Hai MTE limited, thanked the team and support for this project. He said that the annual production of 100 thousand tons of magnesium in the Qinghai Saline Lake magnesium industry is only the first stage of our larger vision, and it is expected to have a significant expansion in the next few years. When the maximum capacity is achieved, the output of the first stage of the project in Qinghai will reach about 12% of the global metal magnesium output. In the next few years, the Qinghai plant will become the largest and most important magnesium production base in the world and will meet more and more global demand. This is a positive development for the global metal magnesium industry. For a long time, one of the biggest challenges facing our industry is that the impact of the production process on the environment is not satisfactory. At present, Qinghai is a leader in the development of renewable energy. Our new workshop in Golmud will provide 85% power to the workshop through water, solar and wind energy. Nicholas Andrews believes that our customers and environment benefit from this major, new and clean magnesium alloy production in the coming years with the increase in the Qinghai sea and magnesium production.
Wang Xingfu, chairman of Saline Lake shares, said in his speech that, over the years, the sea magnesium group and Saline Lake shares have complementary advantages, strong joint, established a good cooperative relationship and become the best partner. The start, construction and production of the MgO Qinghai plant will lay a solid foundation for both sides to work together to build China and the world's largest and most environmentally friendly magnesium alloy production base. In August 22, 2016, when general secretary Xi Jinping inspected the Saline Lake, he specially asked "we must run the metal magnesium project well", which indicated that the Saline Lake industry had great potential. Saline Lake shares the top position of "magnesium" in China's Saline Lake ecological magnesium lithium potassium park development strategy, because Saline Lake has a unique resource advantage, because the Saline Lake has such a powerful partner as the sea magnesium group, the sea magnesium group has a broad market advantage, and both sides have the world's leading technical level. We have full confidence in the future of Saline Lake's magnesium industry. We are willing to work together with the sea magnesium group and the various platforms with the aid of the media of political production, school and research and research. We are willing to work together, cooperate sincerely, concentrate the wisdom, gather strength, conspire to develop and share the future, and write the magnificent new chapter of "China Magnesium dream" together.
It is reported that the sea magnesium group was founded in Germany in 1953 and has been in existence for 65 years. In 2007, it was separated from NorskHydro and listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. Hai MTE is currently the world's largest pure production, research and development of magnesium alloys, magnesium anode and related products listed companies. Xi'an sea magnesium magnesium industry Co., Ltd., the first magnesium alloy and magnesium alloy sacrificial anode company invested by the sea magnesium group in China, was registered in the Xi'an economic and Technological Development Zone in August 2000. The total amount of investment is 15 million US dollars and the registered capital is 6 million US dollars.
The main customers of the sea magnesium are all over the world. The customers of the magnesium industry mainly come from the automotive industry and the first class suppliers supporting the car enterprises. The magnesium anode customers come from the water heater industry. Most of the water storage tanks in the world are filled with magnesium.